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The German Sport Guns GSG 522 is a great replica of the famous Heckler & Koch MP5. The MP5 has been around for a long time and still looks modern….it started in 1966! The MP5 has been used in SWAT teams in the USA and special military forces all over the world and come in all kinds of variations and caliber sizes.  They’ve also been in lots of movies because it’s one of the coolest looking sub machine guns ever created.

Here are the current options for the GSG 522

  GSG 522 Carbine  GSG 522 Carbine RS GSG 522 SD
 gsg 522  gsg 522 retractable stock  gsg 522 sd
 GSG 522 PK   GSG 522 P   GSG 522 SD RS
 gsg-522-PK-Version  gsg-522-P-Version  gsg-522-SD-RS

Sure everyone would love to own one and shoot one…however HK stopped making the civilian versions of the MP5 in the 1980’s which means to get a real HK select-fire 9mm MP5 will cost around $15,000-25,000. You also have to get some paper work filled with the ATF since it’s full auto. Even the quality replicas are over $1,500 – $2,500 (learn more about the original MP5).  Not to mention shooting 9mm rapid fire with a 25 round clip would get expensive fast. Each magazine you shoot would cost you at least $6-$8…shooting three magazines at the range would set you back at least $20.

Luckily several gun manufacture have been releasing great looking and great shooting replica machine guns (and handguns) chambered in .22 LR. There are a few reasons for this, first the .22 LR version are much cheaper then the full .223 or 9mm version. And secondly the .22 LR is much cheaper too shoot. .22 LR cost around $.05 to shoot verses $.50 plus for a .223 or 9mm at $.30.


Several of the top gun manufactures have created AR15 .22LR replicas and a couple have created a MP5 replica. Umarex makes a MP5 version that starts at $500 and is a great weapon. It has more metal parts then the GSG version but cost a lot more. But you’re not here because you want to know about those guns, you want to know more about the GSG 522.

Back in 2008 GSG started selling the 552 in a few different versions and it has been a very popular .22. There are the 522, 522 SD, and the MP5K and slight variations of each with different stocks, barrel lengths and accessories.

There is the 522 Carbine RS above with what looks like a sweet suppressor screwed on the end… unfortunately the sweet looking suppressor is fake due to a lot of reasons that include cost and regulations. The suppressor is just for looks on this version and they do offer a 522 without the suppressor if you like the look of that better. However in the USA if your rifle has stock the barrel has to be at least 16 inches long…so you can get the 522 without the suppressor and a shorter barrel, but it doesn’t come with a stock (you can illegally add on later if you want).

gsg 522 P Version

(GSG 522 P Version – short barrel without  a stock)

The magazines that come with it are very sturdy and like several of the high end replica .22 rifles the magazines are the same size as the real 9mm MP5 magazine so it adds to the realism and makes it great for military practice. Another nice perk of the realistic mags is that they’ll fit in all your gear.

They have magazines available in 3 different physical sizes and 5 different round capacities for various state laws.

There is a 22, 15, 10, 2 and a 110 drum round magazine! If you can find a 110 round drum they run around $90. Check them out here.

 gsg-522-110-round-magazine  gsg 522 fully loaded

Shooting the rifle is a lot of fun, I was chewing through the cheap Winchester brick without too many issues. Once I figured out how the sites worked it was very accurate with the open sites and I plan on getting a red dot in the next few days and will do a full range report soon.

The trigger is smooth and light enough to keep it accurate.

It was fun shooting this at the range everyone can appreciate the look of the H&K MP5

GSG 522 Suppressors

The carbine and SD version have a mock suppressor on the barrel. The 522 P and 522 PK models have a threaded end and you can easily mount a suppressor on the P and PK models with an adapter. Unfortunately the carbine and SD models will require the barrel to be cut if you wanted to add a suppressor. So, if you want to add a silencer to your GSG 522 you’ll want to purchase the P or PK models.

 GSG 522 Accessories

Good news, there are a ton of accessories that fit these guns. There are all kinds of rails, tactical handguards, grips, bi-pods, SD conversion kits, over 6 different stocks, slings, flash hiders, silence adapters, different silencers, flip up sights and lots more. It’s a ton of fun to browse through all the accessories.

Checkout this cool mock suppressor  from rgages.com

 gsg 522 MFI Fake Suppressor navy seals gsg 522 MFI Fake Suppressor

How about this loaded GSG 522!

Tactical rail, laser, grip and scope

Classic Army brand RIS rail system with laser

Classic Army brand RIS rail system with grip

Did you know GSG also makes a great 1922 .22LR pistol? Checkout it here.


If you have the full stock version of the GSG 522 then you have probably noticed that you can’t put a single point sling on 522 because there is no sling loop!

The sweet retractable stock has a spot for a sling, but the full polymer stock only has a spot for a two point sling with a loop in the front (not on the SD) and a spot on the stock where there is only enough room for you to slide a strap behind it.

Sure you can run a 2 point sling, but I want a single point sling. The solution is a $7 sling adapter strap!

Buy it for $6.97 >> http://www.weaponhero.com/single-point-sling-adapter