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Published on August 19th, 2013 | by Travis


Best .22 LR Ammo for the GSG 522

As I’m sure you know by now that 22 ammo is not 100% reliable. Some guns shoot certain types of ammo better then others.

While the GSG 522 shoots most types and is less picky then some 22 rifles, it still likes certain ammo better then others.

I’ve personally shot 3 types of ammo through my GSG 5 and I’ll list those below along with other ammo I’ve found around the web that other GSG 5 shooters have said works great in their gun.

Let us know in the comments what ammo has worked well with your GSG 5 and what has not. 

Ammo that shoots good

  • CCI Ammo
  • Remington Golden Bullets
  • PMC Zapper – higher price
  • Federal American Eagle
  • Federal Value Pack
  • Blazer Brass

Federal Value Pack normally found at WalMart for around $11-12 for a box of 550. Copper coated, Hollow Point, 36grain. GSG-5s eat this stuff up like candy.

Remington Golden Bullet 22 LR
1280 FPS
Cost = $.04-.06
Great shooting ammo that is pretty cheap and shoots good in the GSG 5, I had only 1-2 mis fires in over 100 rounds on a new gun.
Read reviews >

remington 22 lr golden bullet

CCI Mini Mag 40 Grain .22 LR
1235 fps
Cost = $.06-.09

This is probably the best 22 LR ammo and shoots great in any 22 pistol or rifle. I had no jams with this ammo in the GSG 5 or any of the other semi-auto pistols and rifles I test it in.

CCI mini mag



Ammo to avoid shooting in the GSG 5

  • Remington Thunderbolt ammo – BAD – It is extremely dirty and will foul the barrel up with a heavy coat of lead.
  • Winchester Xpert – They will not cycle properly.
  • Winchester 22LR Hollow Point Rounds

Winchester 22LR Hollow Point Rounds
1280 fps
Cost = $.04-.06
I purchased this at Walmart.

This ammo says it’s a high velocity but  for whatever reason it doesn’t shoot well in the GSG 5 or other semi auto pistols and rifles. It does shoot fine in bolt action rifles and revolvers.

I had several jams with this ammo in my GSG , Smith and Wesson .22 pistol, Ruger SR22 pistol and a AR15 with a .22 LR barrel.
winchester 22 555

Remington Thunderbolt ammo – BAD – do not use…in any gun. 

It is extremely dirty and will foul the barrel up with a heavy coat of lead. It will cycle properly, but the hours of cleaning it will require is not worth it.

Read about it here >


thunderbolt ammo


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20 Responses to Best .22 LR Ammo for the GSG 522

  1. scott says:

    what’s so bad about this ammo? I shot it threw my GSG 522 SD and it ran just fine

  2. gadmin says:

    @ Scott, which ammo are you talking about that ran fine?

  3. pageeasyrider says:

    I just bought the gsg 522 and shot about 12 rounds of the remy value pack hollw point and jammed like crazy – I was told cant use these rounds but the post above states they will work – any suggestions

    • gadmin says:

      Try the CCI 22lr ammo.
      Did you try the “Remington Golden Bullets”? I’ve personally shot 100+ of those through mine without too many issues.
      Have you tried one ammo that works well for you yet?

  4. Joshua says:

    I did not like my experience with the Remington rounds. They jammed like crazy and I swear there were times that my left arm felt the gas or powder discharge thru the mag slot on the side. Scared the crap out of me so I don’t use them. I do love the CCI MINI MAG and the Winchester Super Max seems to work well when out of CCI. I never experienced anything like I did with the Remmington rounds in my life. Anybody else? Also, could I have had too much oil at the time? I wonder if that caused the “blast” out of the mag slot.

  5. Kyle says:

    Best ammo to run through this rifle is CCI Stinger or CCI Velocitor. I don’t use on copper jacketed rounds after I had a double feed and a partially chambered round go off luckily the pressure went out the ejection port had I been a left handed shooter I would have been hurting as a large chunk of the shell was missing. But I love this gun it just needs some TLC and for the shooter to remember it’s not really an MP5 so no need to mag dump or you risk losing an appendage.

  6. topknot says:

    Just bought a used GSG 522 SD locally from a private seller. When I got it home and shot it with ammo he had included (some Winchester 36gr,1280 fps hp), it jammed every few shots (failure to properly feed and mashing the bullet). Here is what I did:

    1. cleaned rifle, it was a bit dirty but not bad. Just wiped it out (didn’t even field strip it).
    2. Oiled it with Oil Rig spray well.
    3. followed the youtube instructions to lightly sand the plastic finger tabs on each magazine (not sure if it helped, but it didn’t hurt). 🙂
    4. switched to CCI Mini-Mag ammo.

    Since those changes, it is shooting without a single jam. Going to give this to my son, so I wanted it running right. Zeroed the reflex sight and it is ready to present to him now. Quite happy. Got the rifle with reflex optic, a nice padded case, and 6 mags, plus about 300 rounds of assorted .22lr ammo for $350.

  7. eric says:

    I put 150 rounds of eley club rounds through my gsg522 and not one failed or jammed. Every round shot perfectly. I have tons of the thunderbolt stuff but have yet to shoot with it. Also cci hollow point 36 grain, but haven’t shot with it yet. We will see if either can live up to the eley.

  8. Fish says:

    I’ve put 300 rounds of CCI Standard velocity through mine with no issue I could blame on the gun. I’ve had a couple jams but I’m pretty sure it was due to a mistake on my part.

  9. fireguy says:

    One of the attractors to this kind of “fun-gun” it that it looks like it is suppressed. For most of us, that’s all we need, but I’m wondering if sub-sonic rounds would make it “sound” quieter. Does this rifle even digest sub-sonic ammo, and if so, which brand is best?

    • Travis says:

      Sub-sonic rounds won’t cycle a semi-auto .22lr rifle or pistol.
      Most semi-auto rifles require at least average velocity ammo and the higher the velocity the better.
      (You could fire one at a time)

  10. Jin says:

    Have been trying to find a metal, upper receiver group for the GSG 522 RL I am purchasing. I understand the screw upgrade will not work with the polymer receiver. Any recommendations?

  11. Dan says:

    The receiver cracked along the base of the scope mount . How can I get it fixed

  12. Anthony says:

    Here are four ammo types I tried out yesterday with my GSG 522 (22lr):

    1) Federal Auto Match Target Grade (1200 fps). I was going through multiple mags at a time without any misfires or failed loads. By far the best I’ve tried to date.

    2) Remington Subsonic hollow points (1050 fps). I would say they fired mostly well, about 7 or 8 out of 10 rds would fire with no issue.

    3) Winchester SuperX hollow points (1435 fps). These were around the same as the Remington Subsonic but slightly worst. These fired about 6 or 7 rds out of 10 ok.

    4) Aquila SuperExtra (1025 fps). Absolutely horrible and would not fire a single round as they kept getting jammed while loading. And I did try these first of all four listed above, following a thorough field strip and cleaning.

  13. MadJohn says:

    I bought one of the early GSG 5P Models. I have done extensive trials and adjustments with various types of ammo. First came the feeding problems that were troublesome and frustrating. As a finsl result I removed the finger tabs from all of my magazines as the oblong portion that joins through the magazine follower will bind on the guide slots. I use a magzine loader with a #4 hole drilled through to accept a #4 blank screw to pull the magazine follower down. Works great no more miss feeds by sluggish followers. I removed the extractor and cut the cartridge claw at just a slightly steeper angle and slightly deeper. To improve on rim grip when extracting/firing. Depending on which type ammo I want to use (sonic or Subsonic) I have different strength recoil springs and buffered the bolt rear stop with Delvin. CCI Quiet and other subsonic rounds work quite well and with a can on it the bolt cycling makes more noise than the actual firing. I have done a number of things to dress up the piece like get a Walnut G-3 fore-stock and shorten the rear section to length and replace the rear metallic bolster. Rakes a little messing around but take your time it will look quite menacing, It will fit exactly where the current plastic part is. Buffering the cocking handle stop sure quiets the loading and keeps from beating the piece to a pulp. You can but buffers but you can also make them from leather or a hard felt polishing wheel.
    Have fun with you GSG’s and don’t be afraid to experiment—-BE SAFE!

  14. Rvzoo says:

    try Winchester Super X 1300fps! works great

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