GSG 522 Accessories

There are tons of GSG 522 accessories and can give your new GSG a new look without spending a bunch of money.

You can get the $10 Sling here or the (below)HK style 2 point sling for $5 more.

Above- HK style 2 point sling

There are 10 round magazines as well as 22 round magazines…and lets not forget about the big 110 round beast of a magazine!

Find GSG 522 magazines here

You can get at least 4 different stocks, a foldable, two types of collapsible stocks and the standard stock.
Learn more about the gsg 522 stocks here.

I’ve searched for a great red dot that is easy on the wallet and I found the perfect one in the picture above. It looks great on this rifle.
Click here to see more about the red dot sight.