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Published on January 28th, 2013 | by Travis


Custom Stock on GSG 5 & Custom Paint Job

Checkout all the work this fellow GSG 5 lover did with his baby. He didn’t just paint his gun, no he went so far beyond any mod I’ve seen it’s pretty impressive.


He added a navy SEF MP5 lower and safety assembly which is a bit of work.  I personally like the new GSG 5 lower and I like the look of the grip better then the real MP5…but that’s me. A lot of guys like the real look and it’s a very popular modification.

Next he worked on the trigger and greatly improved it and reduced the trigger pull. This was not an easy process and he says to have a gunsmith do it if you’re not experienced with triggers and a bit of a handy man.gsg 522 custom paint job

The first two mods alone are more then what most people would do, but he goes on to put this very cool HK USC stock on it. This is not an easy mod either as it required lost of customization and he has all the steps documented here.

HK USC stock mod

Before he put on a very custom paint job he did one last customization that I have not seen and really like…he drilled out the front grip which is an easy mod and makes a big difference. I think I’ll take mine over to the drill press and give it a shot…probably the only mod this guy did that I think I can do that I won’t screw up.

Anyway, here is the link to the forum with all of this documented with more pictures



gsg 522 custom grip gsg 522 custom paint job white

gsg 522 custom stock




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