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Published on October 30th, 2013 | by Travis


How to Disassemble the GSG 522

Watch below as this guy does a nice job of disassembling the GSG 522. While it’s not the easiest gun to take apart it’s not impossible and just takes a few minutes. Plus once you’ve taken your 522 aprart you have a better idea of how it works and if there is ever an issue you’ll be able to better handle it.

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One Response to How to Disassemble the GSG 522

  1. Lawrence says:

    New user-
    Dear sirs, The videos on disassembly are good. But, I really need a demonstrartion of cleaning.
    I got my GSG522 recently. I will try it out this evening at a shooting range (club I just joined).
    But, I want to care very good care of the gun. I have a universal cleaning kit and good gun lube/cleaners. I also have the brush supplied by the gsg manufacturer, But, I had a hard time pushing the rod and cleaning pad down the barrel. It this because it is new?
    I know I will have to clean it after the first test firings this evening-but will I have to disassemble , then clean?
    Ok, I read the manual and it states that.
    What if you don’t have time to clean that evening? can you wait until the next morning to clean it?(concern about corrosion?).
    I would appreciate any input here.

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