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Published on January 23rd, 2013 | by Travis


GSG-5 .22LR 22rd Magazine Twin 2 Pack

Right now it’s July 2013 and the GSG magazines are finally starting to be in stock. I can find a 22rd magazine for the GSG 5 at several online stores, I’m still having issues finding them locally, probably because they’re not a super high selling item for local gun shops.

>> You can buy them here in stock now > GSG 522 magazine 2 pack

Anyway, typically you can find a 22rd magazine for around $35-$45.  However they seem to like selling in a twin pack and those prices range from $45-$75 depending on where you’re buying them.

Below is a picture of the 22rnd twin 2 pack.

gsg 5 22rd magazine twin pack

GSG 522 10rd magazine (below)

gsg 5 10rd magazine

I did find some 10rd magazines (big deal right) on good ole ebay and they’re selling them in a pack of two twin packs for a total of 4 10round magazines and right now the prices is $102 with 2 days left….so about $25 per magazine. Good news is you can get a magazine clamp that holds to mags and makes if quick to change them out….checkout the video below.

Also you can convert a 10 round magazine into a 22 round magazine if you’re handy with some tools…checkout the conversion video here.

I think it’s against Ebay’s new policy to sell any magazine over 10 rounds.

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6 Responses to GSG-5 .22LR 22rd Magazine Twin 2 Pack

  1. bw200rider says:

    the cheapest place i found magazines is hotgunparts website. i just bought 2 10 round mags for 66.45 because i had a 5%off coupon..3/3/13.. all ebay stuff is going higher than that..crazy times.

  2. Ralph M says:

    I have found 2 more locations that are cheaper still, $36.00 and $48.00. Yes they are the 10 round twin pack. The sad part is that all three loactions are out. Ebay is the only place I found that has them at super high price. I will return later when I get mine (if ever) and give out the two locations. 3/3/2013.

  3. Mike says: has them back in stock…for $90. Are they crazy???

  4. JD Ethridge says:

    as for ebay. when looking at Magazines. look closely at the photo. the description may be 10 rds but the photo shows the 22rd. depending on the state you are in; you can find 22rd mags on ebay for the gsg522. try sending a quick email to the seller and ask. joespawn is an awesome place to start. I have found several gsg and 10-22 bx-25s on ebay this year. 2013. good luck guys

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