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Published on September 10th, 2013 | by Travis


GSG 522 10 Round Magazines

If you live in one of the no fun states and in Chicago Illinois then you can’t legally own a magazine over 10-15 rounds. GSG has not forgotten about you and made a GSG 522 10 round magazine that looks just like the 22 round magazine.

You can buy the 10 round magazines here



Consider yourself lucky because the people that own the Mossberg 715T .22lr and need a 10 round mag are stuck with a horrible little baby magazine. See picture below.


I know it’s disappointing to legally be required to own a 10 round magazine, but at least GSG made it the same quality and out of the same parts as the factory 22 rounders.

State magazine restrictions:

More then 10 round magazines ;(
Chicago, IL
District of Columbia
New York

More then 15 round magazines ;/
New Jersey

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3 Responses to GSG 522 10 Round Magazines

  1. Anthony Colston says:

    I bought a GSG 1911-22 sometime back and can’t find any extra magazines for it…will you please help me…can I buy them from you?

  2. gadmin says:

    We don’t sell magazines. I looked around for you and couldn’t find any…looks like GSG is running low on stock for the 1911 magazines. I’m sure they’ll be back in stock soon.

  3. Jason says:

    Just moved to Nevada, i have a bunch of the California 10 rnd magazines, can i modify them to be 22 rnd mags? Or am i gonna ruin the 10 rnd mags?

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