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Published on January 23rd, 2013 | by Travis


GSG 522 10 to 22 Magazine Conversion

Considering all the GSG 5 magazines are almost impossible to buy right now because everyone is out of stock you can still find a few 10 round magazines on ebay. But who wants a 10rnd magazine unless you’re one of those poor saps that live in those states that limit the magazine capacity…sorry if that’s you ;(

Anyway, there is a way to relitiviely easily convert a lame 10 round magazine into a fun 22 round magazine!

The 10 rnd mags are the same as the 22 rnd mags on the outside, it’s just the internal parts that are different. And, it looks like the spring is the same in both.

Here is what one person said in response to the video below.

I pried off the panels on 1 mag and located the 2 rivets that held the plates on. Was not easy using a screw driver. Once I knew the locations of the 2 rivets, I used a drill bit that was as wide as the rivets and eye balled the 2 rivets. Drilled them out and pulled them out. I did 3 mags in les than 2 minutes.

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3 Responses to GSG 522 10 to 22 Magazine Conversion

  1. Tyrone says:

    I found your video very helpful. I do have one suggestion for the disassembly. After removing all of the screws, slowly pry the top end open and carefully let the follower and spring out. This will allow the spacers to slide up and back, giving more access for safe prying.



  2. Dan says:

    Your video was very helpful but only one problem. The spring is not the same…therefore you’re losing the proper tension needed for correct feeding. My carbine version came with the 10 rounder and I ordered two 22 rounders. After doing the conversion I noticed a big lost in tension. Then I compared the modified mag with the genuine 22 rounder and saw that the springs are different in length. So now I’m on the hunt for the proper spring.

  3. nick78 says:

    Anyone try to convert they stg 44 22lr from 10-25?

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