GSG 522 110 Round Drum Magazine

gsg-522-110-round-magOne of the coolest accessories you can get for your GSG 5/522 is the big 110 round drum magazine. It holds 5 times what the single 22 round magazine can hold so you can go out shooting targets or varmints with this magazine alone and never reload or just reload a couple times for 220 rounds…sounds like a blast.


In stock and on sale at Weapon Hero.
Get your GSG 522 110 round drum magazine here



November 2013 and it’s in stock ! >

The GSG 522 rotary magazine prices range from $89 – $100 however it’s very hard to find one right now in mid 2013…they’re sold out at most places.


They fit on any of the GSG 522 22lrs and hold a max of 110 rounds.


The gsg 522 drum magazine instructions – More instructions here >

Checkout a couple videos below of some people having a blast shooting the rifle with the drum magazine.

Ammo used was Federal Champion 36 grain non wax coated, as recommended by GSG

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Darryl June 11, 2013 at 12:02 am

I would buy if you guys had a catalog I didn’t see a catalog on website


gadmin July 9, 2013 at 2:19 pm

Darryl, this is just a fan site for the GSG 522. I will look for a catalog and post it if I can find one.


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