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Published on January 19th, 2013 | by Travis


GSG 522 Pictures

I’ve gathered some pictures of the 522 from around the web and forums. I’ll try to link out to each location of where I grabbed the picture and list some of the accessories on the gun in the pictures.

All the GSG 5 and GSG 522s on this page have been modified.


Green GSG-522 H&K G3

green-gsg 522

Green GSG-522/ H&K G3 (above) – Heavily modified parts from a H&K G3 – See more here


gsg 522 MFI Fake Suppressor

Custom suppressor and grip.

Classic Army brand RIS rail system with grip

Tactical rail, grip, lower grip and light.

Classic Army brand RIS rail system with laser

Tactical rail, laser, grip and scope

gsg 522 fully loaded


Fully loaded 522 above from the official website with a drum magazine that holds 110 rounds of .22lr, grip, flash hider, laser, holographic red dot.

gsg 522  Picatinny Rail Covers

Tactical Rails with covers so you can put a cover over the sides or bottom if you want to give it a different look. It also has the $50 rear retractable stock. This was for sale on for $599. The retractable stock and tactical rails give this gun an entirely new look.

hk mp5 22

H&K MP5 A5 .22 LR with model

You gotta love women shooters 😉


More GSG 522 Gear:

GSG 522
Custom Stock on GSG 5 & Custom Paint Job
GSG 522 For Sale

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