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GSG 522 Questions & Answers

Alright, if you have a question about the GSG 522 you can reply to this post or contact me and I’ll post it.

If you know the answer to one of the questions you can reply to this post or contact me.

Question 1)

Name Joe
Question Does any know the outside diameter of the GSG 522 SD round rubber fore hand grip?
Answer It is 2.36 inches or 60mm

 Question 2) 

Name Sonny
Question Does anyone know where to find internal gsg 522 parts. Like a extractor.

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29 Responses to GSG 522 Questions & Answers

  1. Chris says:

    it is 2.36 inches or 60mm

  2. Sonny says:

    Does anyone know where to find internal gsg 522 parts. Like a extractor.

    • Joe smith says:

      have you tried contacting American Tactical Imports?
      I’ve had very good luck in dealing directly with them. I bought an early GSG PK pistol used and the rear sight was missing parts and would not stay adjusted. Called them and they were very helpful. Took a while to get the part as they were out of stock at that time but other things I have ordered from them have arrived in less than a week and they are on the east coast and I’m in deep south Texas.

  3. daniel rush says:

    Can u replace the barrell or shroud on a gsg 522 sd i want something more sleek

  4. Dennis says:

    Is there any difference between a GSG 522 and a GSG-5?
    What does SD and RS stand for?

    • gadmin says:

      The GSG 522 vs GSG 5 = GSG 522 has a built in top rail, a different front sight and different grip pattern.
      SD has a thicker barrel shroud and different front grip…also there is not a fron sling loop on the SD.
      sd vs

  5. SONNYB3 says:

    I just found this site (WOW!) and already impressed. But I wondering if the 22Lg/ 20 round mag. will work on HENRY AR-14 or CARTER model ? Thanks and I’ll be returning very soon

  6. Lo says:

    Hi, I’m a new gsg 522 SD owner. I just received the gun and I notice that the magazine has a lot of play, such as when inserted in the rifle it will move forward and backwards 1/16 of an inch. Should the magazine be that loose while inserted in the guy? Should I exchange the magazine at the store? Thanks in advance. I cannot wait to shoot it, I just picked up 3 100 rounds of Winchester superx super speed.

  7. fireguy says:

    I am a woodworker and saw a picture of a gsg 5 that was woodstocked. I assume it was a custom project. Does anyone know what site I could go to that would show examples of these type of alterations to gsg 5s? ( I have the gsg 5 carbine ) Thanx!

  8. Matthew F says:

    I bought a GSG 522-SD GERG522SDLB22 from palmetto state armory and I was disappointed with the flimsy plastic top picatiny rail for mount optics. mine came loose and when I tightened the rail it warped making mount an optic for accurate fire impossible. I’ve seen rails advertised with extreme mixed reviews and I am unsure what to get. I went on amazon and I received answers for several different add on optic rails ranging from “best rail ever”, “worst rail ever”, and “wont fit my gun.” I would just like to find a rail that fits my model and will not break on install or with regular use.

    • RT says:

      I have a factory GSG Low Mount aluminum rail for sale $40.00 inc shipping which is a perfect non-marring replacement for the plastic picatinny rail. This is the one rail to have and not worry about whether it will fit properly or not as the rest are hit and miss by my experience. This has the factory cut-out ejector port on the right side and fits perfectly over the “humps” that you will find when you remove the plastic top rail. This is the one rail that locks in place on the “tabs” of the receiver and tightens with 4 tiny clawmount screws.

  9. Charles says:

    I have a 1st generation GSG MP5k. I have to manually push the trigger forward after each shot. Or I can move the safety lever back and forth and it resets the trigger
    Any idea why?


    • Travis says:

      Charles, I would call ATI about that issue. I’ve not heard of this before.
      Call American Tactical > 1-800-290-0065

  10. Will Arthur says:

    I just purchased a GSG 522 carbine I had alot of misfires due to the firing pin hitting very close to the very edge of the bullet ( coose to the rim that overhangs. Shouldnt the firing pin be hitting close to the middle?

  11. Will Arthur says:

    Is there away to adjust the front and rear sight of the GSG 522 Carbine?

  12. gerardo l. says:

    I read soewhere that the sd model had to be recalled because of some legal issues with the appearance of the large fake supressor…is thie true?…i own the sd model and i love it…

    • Travis says:

      It was the first generation of the rifles called the GSG 5. They have a different sights and grip….pretty much the same gun.

  13. Matt says:

    Is the customize-ability the same between the SD and Carbine models?

  14. dallis says:

    I bought my gsg 5 used. after 1 mag I cannot get the bolt to close. It is like it is stuck in the rear position. On top of that I cannot get the screw loose that separates the lower from the upper both sides just spin. Am I missing something?

    • ThunderCat says:

      Bit of a late reply, but there is a huge problem with those pins stripping. It is recommended to upgrade the pins to the h&k style pins (similar to the breakdown pins on an AR-15). As for the bolt not closing, I have not run into that problem, but check to see all the springs are there. It’s been known that some of those springs are easy to lose and may cause similar malfunctions….at least that’s what I’ve been told.

      Hope I could help.

  15. kevin says:

    What diff between GSG522CB22 abd GSG522CLB22?

  16. Henry says:

    Ho, how much?

  17. Jack says:

    Hey Will Arthur I have had the same issue with mine. Many mis fires. I have tried all different types of ammunition to see which would work better but no distinguishing results. Di you ever figure your issue out?
    I have taken it back to place where I bought it but they cannot seem to find the issue. When I look closer at the reject rounds it appears that the pin does not come all the way forward, I have disassembled the bolt and had it sonic cleaned and primed in micro lube to see if it would improve on performance.
    Has anyone had an issue with a bad spring?

  18. Neil says:

    Is there a speed loader available for gsg522 mag. 22rd?

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