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Published on July 10th, 2013 | by Travis


GSG 522 Red Dot Sight

For me the GSG 522 is a fun to shoot 22LR that I don’t want to spend a ton of money on. For under $100 I can have a collapsible stock, a sweet sling and the best damn deal on a red dot sight I’ve found anywhere. Yes, all three accessories can be found for under $100…the red dot is around $30, the stock is about $$60 and the sling is $10-$15

You can buy the red dot here at Amazon for the best price. Read the 600 plus 5 star reviews.



The red dot that I like for this gun has two color settings, three power levels and 4 different reticles that range from cross hairs, a dot, circle with a dot and all three combined.

It comes with two tools to adjust the up/down/left/right and it’s super easy to install with just a couple thumb screws.

I’ve found the brightness levels work fine in the sunlight outside. This red dot fits on any weapon with a standard tactical rail and can be put on without any tools, but you’ll want to snug up the screws with the included allen wrenches. You can see this sight on a lot of different rifles, shotguns and even pistols.


These are on level one of three brightness.


green-dot-2 green-dot-3 green-dot-4

I didn’t show all the red dots…just his one. They are the same as the green…just in the color



green-dot-5 green-dot-6

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4 Responses to GSG 522 Red Dot Sight

  1. James Simmons says:

    Very nice weapon I shot a couple times a week. I worked law enforcement and corrections for twenty years. This weapon is very cheap to shot and very acurrate.the state where there s not a limit on number of rounds. I have a drum mag that holds 100 rounds. Thank you for making a great weapon.

  2. JOE says:

    Good morning; I am looking for an adapter w/ (9x.75) ID. threads to fit the barrel of my GSG522-P. Any help would be greatly appreciated. THANKS—JOE

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