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Published on January 30th, 2013 | by Travis


GSG 522 Retractable Stocks

There are several stocks available for the 522 but one of my favorite is the classic MP5 retractable stock. Even though most sold don’t have the retractable stock, the 522 has the stock slide rail cut out and ready in case you want to put one on. This is probably because it looks authentic and since they also sell the GSG 522 with the retractable stock in the “RS” version.

There are two retractable stocks available, one is the classic and one is the M4 which is shown below.

Several places sell the retractable stock, but of course right now some are sold out. They seem to be imported from Germany in waves and several places sell out from time to time…I’ve found them on Amazon but sometimes it’s hard to tell if they’re officially from GSG on Amazon and I question the quality. I like to weapon hero site because they are an official GSG dealer and I trust them.

Besides the better look over the original stock, the retractable GSG 522 stock has four different positions it can lock at and when it’s pushed all the way forward it makes it into a very close version of the GSG 522 P.


Classic MP5 retractable stock

These are in stock now at Weapon Hero >

 gsg 522 retractable stock gsg 522 retractable stock


GSG 522 M4 retractable stock

The GSG 522 M4 Retractable stock also looks very cool on the 522. The one below I found on Amazon has 4 positions and ranges from 8.5 inches to a max of 12″ in length. It has great reviews from amazon customers.

 GSG-5 4 Position M4 Style Collapsible Stock gsg 522 m4 retractable stock


  • Material: Polymer Plastic
  • Weight: 1 lbs 2oz

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