GSG 522 Guns gsg 5 with 110 round mag

Published on October 10th, 2013 | by Travis


GSG 522 For Sale

The GSG 522 is a very popular 22lr for a lot of great reasons. Considering you can get a GSG 522 for sale at under $350 makes it the coolest 22 for under $400 besides the cheapo Mossberg 715t (still a fun gun too). Look around the site and you can see there are lots of cool things you can add to your GSG.

You can buy a GSG 522 online from Weapon Hero. I purchased my 522 drum magazine from them and found that they’re great guys over there and ship everything the same day it’s ordered. ¬†They also let me use some of their pictures for this site.

You can get the GSG 522 Carbine or the GSG 522 SD.

Man that 522 SD looks awesome with the retractable stock!

Did you know GSG makes a sweet full size 1911 in 22LR? Comes in black or brown. Check them out here


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6 Responses to GSG 522 For Sale

  1. mike says:

    Hi. i just purchased a GSG 522 new, I purchased a red dot sight from amazon, but the sight clamps are to wide for the sight rail on the gun. Can I purchase a wider sight rail, or did I just order the wrong damn scope. Any ideas would help. Thanks.

    • gadmin says:

      No, that rail is standard from what I’ve seen. All the scopes and red dots (4 different ones) I’ve tried fit the top rail perfect.

  2. kak jimomi says:

    want buy one GSG 522, what will be the price in indian currency? is it possible to transport in India, please let me know.

  3. Jerry says:

    Just wondering if I have to go through a licensed gun dealer to purchase the GSG 22LR rifle.

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