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Published on July 3rd, 2013 | by Travis


GSG 522 Tactical Hand Rails & Foregrip

You can easily change out your stock foregrip to one with some tactical rails so you can add a light, laser or front hand grip handle.

There are about three different front foregrips you can get for your GSG522. They range from aggressive to mild and from around $40 to over $100.

The first one I’ll show you has a lot of plastic and basically looks like the 522 SD model with some rails screwed on it. It looks ok, but it’s not as aggressive as the other two below….it just depends on your tastes.

 GSG5 Tactical Hand Grip 2

 GSG5 Tactical Hand Grip GSG5-Tactical-Hand-Grip-3


The second more aggressive 522 tactical rail is this for sale right now at Amazon. The Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical Aluminum 3 Tri Weaver Picatinny Rail. I’m not sure why this thing is so cheap but it’s a super deal right now for under $40.

The description says it’s made for the H&K version of this gun, but several customer reviewers say it fits perfectly on the GSG 522 gun.

As several customers said this, “This part looks awesome on my GSG 522.”

This rail has a bit more rounded edges then a full on tactical rail but has all the functionality. It looks really good on the GSG 522 because of the rounded look, it looks like a stock rail if they made a stock tri-rail. Throw on some side rail covers like the picture below and it looks like an 522 SD.

 Ultimate Arms 522 rail(has some rail covers on it)

Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical Hardcoat Anodized Aluminum 3 Tri Weaver Picatinny Rail


The third rail is an aggressive super high quality rail and the price shows it at $129. It looks awesome and if you want a more military aggressive look this this might be the rail for you. It’s a bit hard to justify the price for me, but if you love the look and have the money then you’ll be happy with this baby.

Genuine Classic Army RIS Railed Forearm

You can get it over at


Classic Army brand RIS rail system with grip





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6 Responses to GSG 522 Tactical Hand Rails & Foregrip

  1. MZ says:

    Will any of these fit my 522SD?

  2. carlos barba says:

    I bought the aluminium hand rail from Ultimate Arms for my GSG5 22 but it doesn´t fit at all.
    The second screw can fit to any part of the body of the gun. Just the front one matches with the factory hole.
    Does anybody have make a “gunsmith” job to make it fit?
    If somebody do so, can share how was made, pictures will be appreciate.

  3. K.T. Wolfie says:

    I bought the Ultimate Arms Tactical rail also. As stated by Carlos, it DOES NOT fit the GSG 522. The issue is with the rail fitment past the right side screw lands on the polymer receiver cover. I believe with some modifications, I can get it to work properly. I am not sure how to post pics here but will attempt after the fitment of the rail.

  4. K.T. Wolfie says:

    It’s a shame a person can’t post responses directly to this site. I think there would be a lot more information being made available to everyone.

    • Travis says:

      Hello, you can….but they have to be approved because of all the dirty spammers spamming our comments. Sorry, a few bad people make it harder for others.

  5. RT says:

    This info on replacement of top picatinny plastic rails on the 522sd may be of some help that I had to find out for myself. First you need to know, that if you have a “lightweight 522” version (ie plastic upper receiver), any claw mount replacement rail system you put on may fit well and good (the GSG branded aluminum Hi/Low mount is perfect fit!) but really that will be the beginning of your troubles! The reason is, that as you attempt to tighten the four very small screws, the slightest pressure from the tightening screws will contract the upper plastic receiver to the point that you won’t be able to operate the cocking bolt and it will jam in place (do this when dry-firing at home, not at the range!). I doubt whether this will happen on the metal 5 and 522 but it is a definite problem on the plastic 522, which is why the cheapo plastic stock top picatinny rail is mounted on the flat by two downward screws into the receiver (ie no side pressure generated to constrict the plastic receiver surrounding the bolt!). It would have been nice to have an aluminum flat top rail secured by those two screws but I know of no such beast; so I think GSG knew exactly what they were doing by utilizing that top rail system, regardless of the warping problems of that stock rail when mounting a scope. My solution may be to reattach the plastic stock rail and then mount the aluminum GSG Hi riser portion (disregarding the great fitting lower rise but which will clamp that plastic receiver!!) onto that because the Hi riser will slip on but attaches with two downward screws that you can place anywhere on the picatinny rail (ie again no side force to contract the plastic upper receiver). This GSG riser is the only riser that I have been able to fit this way as all other utilize side-screw or quick release mounts which will lead you back to your original problem I suspect. Again this info is for the plastic 522s, which I suspect are a lot out of them out there because of the current low price that dealers are unloading them for. That aside, that 522 of mine is a tack-driver and will put my 10/22 to shame as far as accuracy, so this rifle really deserves to have a scope mounted if the mounting obstacles can be overcome on the 522 lightweight model.

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