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Did you know that GSG is making a MP40?!?  Yep, the GSG MP40 is coming in Q1 2014 and will be available in two different models. Take a look at this beauty below…the wooden crate is included! The stock folds under 🙂 GSG mp40 I’m assuming most people have hard of the MP40, but if you haven’t or want to learn more about them you can go here > By the way a real MP40 will cost you ($xx,xxx) thousands of dollars. So this is about the only way most people will be able to shoot a gun that is almost like the MP40. The GSG version will be made from steel and modern polymers. As you can see by the pictures…it looks really good. Part of the receiver and handle will be made from polymer. That is a barrel shroud on the end made to look like a suppressor. That means there is a barrel under the shroud…which means if you want a real suppressor on the full length MP40 you’d have to cut the barrel down $$. It looks like there are two sling points that include on up by the barrel and one by the grip.

GSG .22LR MP-40 gsg mp 40 pictures

Two versions of the GSG MP40

The two different versions will be a short barrel pistol version and then one with a full length 16 inch barrel with a sweet under folding stock. MP40 Carbine – The full length MP40 will have a foldable stock and a 16″ barrel that includes the mock suppressor barrel shroud. This is to appease the laws in the USA. MP40 Pistol – The SBR version of the MP40 will not have a stock and it will have a shorter barrel without the shroud.  We’re guessing the barrel will be around 9 inches.

GSG MP40 Magazines

There will be a 28 round straight magazine with a slit in the side of it  with a thumb grip to help with loading. There will also be a 10 round magazine so you unlucky guys in a handful of states can at least legally own and shoot your MP40. The 10 round magazine will probably be the same size as teh 28 rounder with a plastic stopper inserted.

MP40 Accessories

There probably won’t be too many accessories for the MP40 other then extra magazines. I have a feeling GSG will release a drum magazine for the MP40. Putting a tactical red dot or scope almost seems silly for this gun and there are no mounts to do so anyway.  However, GSG might end up making a scope mount if customers want one. Honestly, I’ll keep my MP40 with the stock sights…I would probably throw on the drum magazine though 😉

  • 110 round drum magazine
  • Single point sling
  • 2 point sling
  • Scope mount

GSG MP40 Price

It looks like the prices will be around $550 for each version. We’ll know more very soon (Jan 2014).   GSG mp40 22lr for sale

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