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Published on January 12th, 2013 | by Travis


Where to find GSG 5 Magazines and accessories

I’m sure you’ve had a little trouble finding drum magazines, 22 round mags, 10 round mags and other great accessories for your GSG 522. I’ve been looking everywhere and right now in early January 2013 none of the ecommerce websites have anything in stock, which is the same for any other popular weapon right now.


I did find four places to buy GSG 5 magazines and accessories right now in 2013.

I found some 22 round magazines for $36 in a twin pack – click here…**( update July 2013 – in stock )

gsg 5 22rd magazine twin pack

The 110 round drum magazine ( July 2013 – in stock)

gsg 522 carbine with 110round magazine – Yep, eBay has a few magazines…however from what I’ve heard they can only sell 10 rounders on eBay…I did see a 22round mag for sale though (not cheap) – I found several 110 round drum magazines on there…expect to pay for it though with all the gouging going on. The  two that had bids were up around $145!. Then there are a couple dealers trying to sell a drum mag for over $200…I think I’ll wait until a few places get them in stock this spring (hopefully). – They have some accessories up for sale sometimes too.

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6 Responses to Where to find GSG 5 Magazines and accessories

  1. Rich says:

    I found drum mags for $100.

  2. DJ says:

    I Have A Handful Of 22 Round Mags. I’ll Sell The New Ones For $45obo

  3. Mark says:

    I’m a new dealer and have a distributor with these drum mags in stock right now and can ship them for $95. Please email if you are interested:

  4. Bo says:

    Looking for GSG 522 110 rd drum mag made by GSG

  5. Debnny.Moore says:

    need a GSG 110 roiund drum

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